About Alisia Budko
Hi, my name is Alisia Budko (original name is Olesia Paliukh), I am 30 years old and I am infinitely happy because of the work I do. 1.5 years ago, my husband and I came to the US to fulfill our American dream, and I can say that it has already come true and I can boldly dream more globally.
The Story
Ever since I was a child, I love taking pictures, so I had a lot of practice time to develop my talent. I started my photography career in the US right after our arrival in this country, I was a photographer in New York and a model for other photographers (I also really like to pose). We recently moved to Florida where our first son David was born and within 2 weeks after giving birth I returned to work. I am very grateful to my husband who supports me and all my ideas and shares with me the care of our baby. My husband is a real treasure.
2 months after giving birth and my return to work, one of the local magazines published an article about me, in which you can learn more about me.

Photography is my passion, I love my clients, they inspire me. I have a real talent for making beautiful portraits, every person is beautiful and I see this beauty.

I enjoy my work and love my life.
I want to get to know you better and show your beauty through photos!
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